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What is - How do I ?

What is FTP?
When I FTP my files, where do they go?
How do I log in/FTP?

What is FTP?
FTP  (File Transfer Protocol) is a software application that lets you connect to a remote host from your desktop, over the Internet and allows you to move files from your desk top computer to the remote computer and down load files from the remote computer to your desk top.

When I FTP my files, where do they go?
When you FTP your files they are transferred directly into a directory specifically set up for your files (your virtual Server Account). No one, but you and the administrator of the server have access to this directory. Once the files are transferred to the Server, they are made immediately accessible to the world.

How do I log in/FTP?
The FTP software profile requires the following settings.

Profile Name:

Fill in any name
Host Name/IP Address your domain/IP address here name(www.yourcompany.com)
Host Type: Autodetect
User Name: Fill in Your User ID
Password: Fill in the password for your server.
E-mail client software- config ?

To access your mail you will need to have an e-mail client software
this software needs to be configured to recognize you as an account holder with 123easyhost. If you do not have a mail client you can down load one (Eudora light) from http://ipswitch.com (Free)

How do I configure my mail software?

Your mail server requires the following settings:
Username The full email address
Password Supplied/selected by you
Incoming POP3 Mail Server mail.(yourdomain_name)
Outgoing SMTP Server Name mail.(yourdomain_name)
To avoid spamming, we have installed spam filters on the server, which
might give you a message that "we do not relay mails"or simply an error message. You are advised to always "get" your mail before you "send" mail as this contact with the server establishes you as a valid user of 123webhost servers for that session.
What is DNS?

Domain Name System is widely used on the Internet to resolve Domain Names to IP address. Since Internet truly understands only IP numbers like which are difficult to remember for each site, each site is allotted an IP number which is then associated with a Domain Name. This way it is easy to remember a Domain Name while the Internet first translates the Domain Name into it's respective IP number and then processes your request.

The following are the top level Domain Names booked by InterNIC



.COM Commercial Organizations
.NET Gateways & NetworkCompanies
.EDU Colleges and Universities
.ORG Non-Profit Organizations
.GOV US GovernmentOrganisations
.MIL US Military Sites
In addition, top level has been setup for each country using  two characters codes like:  Click here for a full listing
Code Country
UK Great Britain
AU Australia
CA Canada
IN India
DE Germany

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