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Site launch

To succeed on the InterNet  you must get traffic to your web site:
123easyhost offers 2 programs to launch your site on the InterNet and help your site get noticed. This service is only available to the 123 host community.
Site launch Basic $ 125.00
  • Submits you website to 900 Plus search engines
  • Submits your site to over 500 popular links
  • Provide you with  banner displays (10,000 plus)
    We will submit one URL up to 4 times per  year
Site launch Advanced $ 2500.00
  • Includes all of the site launch basic Plus.
  • Build major SE specific Doorway pages (64 pages one per key word)
  • Major SE includes Yahoo,Excite,Webcrawler,Alta Vista,infoseek, Lycos,Hot Bot.(manual submission)
  • Will work on 8 key words /key phrases
  • Will maintain your site for One year.

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