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123 Web host is a one stop eCommerce provider.

wpix,gif.gif (112 bytes)We can.
1. Build your store front
2. Convert your site into an ecommerce site
3. Set up a merchant account for you.
4. Provide you with a secure gateway for real time processing.
5. Promote your store front on line.

123web host can provide you with complete inexpensive ecommerce solutions. Our smart order buttons can convert your  web site into an ecommerce site effortlessly and painlessly.Any one can do it, no need to be a computer programming wizard. All the skills you need is cut and paste. Here at 123webhost we have taken the mystery out of ecommerce

123webhost in partnership with Card Services international brings to you the ability to process credit cards on line in real time using a secure gateway. Yes if you do not already have a merchant account we can arrange one for you.

5 simple steps to easy eCommerce.

1. Sign up to host with us.
2. Build your web site and FTP the same to your domain.
3. Fill out your product information using  the online product information form
(the secure URL for this will be e-mailed to you)
4. You will receive an email with order codes (see sample below) from us.
5. Cut and paste this in the appropriate location on your web site.

That is it you are Done!

Below find sample code for a Smart Order Button.
Smart order button sample code
----------------START SMART ORDER BUTTON CODE- Sample --------------------------
<img src="images/smtorder.gif" width="75" height="30" alt="powered by smart button" border="0">

END SMART ORDER BUTTON CODE ----------------------------------------------
Smart Order Button Image
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<a href="http://www.nettmall.com/cgi-bin/sb/order.cgi?storeid=nettmall&function=show">
<img src="images/smtChkouts.gif" width="75" height="30" alt="powered by smart button" border="0">

----------------------END SMART CHECKOUT CODE ---------------------------------------------
Smart checkout Button Image
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Not sure how to do it ? Call us  and we will walk you through. Still want Help ? Ask us to do it for you Cost $1.00 per Button one time charge (minimum charge $25).

You now have a full featured powerful ecommerce enabled secure Store Front open . 24x7  fully equipped and ready to serve the world market place.

Click here to view smart buttons at work for other small businesses.


Opening your on line store cannot get any easiersignup1S.gif (1270 bytes) to-day.

123easyhost - Connecting you to the future